Course curriculum

  • 1

    Materials you'll need

    • Materials you'll need to make your labour beadline

  • 2

    Your labour beadline bead-along...

    • Before we begin...

    • What is a labour beadline

    • ready, get set, go!

    • The bead-along video

  • 3

    How can I use my labour beadline?

    • How to use your labour beadline

    • Labour Beadlines - How could I use them?

    • Add-ons which you can use with your labour beadline

Bonus materials

  • Labour Beadline Pattern

    Your printable labour beadline pattern (pdf) is included as a digital download in this course. You can either use it together with the bead-along video or on it's own to create your own unique labour beadlines. (worth £10)

  • Labour Beadline add-ons

    Your printable A4 labour beadline add-ons are included in this course. The add-ons are 1) round lables showing different positions/situations and 2) rectangular worded lables with different events such as 'waters break', comfort measures such as 'birth pool', stages of labour and more. These lables are exclusive content for my online live and recorded courses.